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The Interamerica Group is an executive level business development and government affairs company founded in 1994 with offices in Washington, D.C., Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo, Brazil.  TIG works at the highest level of industry and U.S. federal, state, and local government and has a thorough understanding and expertise of Business Development and Government Relations.


TIG understands business, both domestic and international, and how it intersects at times with the government sector.  Our seasoned team of executives also has been working for over ten years in Latin America with a fully functioning team on the ground in Brazil. 


TIG is a one stop shop for companies planning to expand its operations to Latin America and to Latin American Companies wanting to gain a market presence in the USA. We support the client in every aspect of international business expansion:  from adaptation of products and marketing material for a specific market, to operational support such as regulatory, logistics, legal, accounting and other core aspects of the business.


When it comes to interacting with the federal, state, and local governments, TIG leverages it’s more than twenty years of experience operating in Washington DC and several key states and cities, successfully developing and implementing effective strategies for our client’s projects.


TIG is a strategic partner with Growth(Period), Mercer & Associates, and Aegis Health Security in the Washington D.C area, and with G Jacintho Consulting, ADNE Consulting, and LATAM Founders in Latin America.    

Our Firm

“Today we live in a global economy. Organizations that are not sensitive to this fact are at a disadvantage. Strategic global partnerships can open this global economic door to companies of all sizes. Bringing these partnerships together is the cornerstone of TIG’s success.”


                                                     Jerry Pierce Jr., President and CEO                                                 



Through experience and analysis of the environment, TIG has come to understand which strategies will and will not work. We know the value of time and resource allocation. Our approach is aligned to provide every single aspect necessary for the client’s success. TIG´s seasoned team of professionals prepares the client to grow and expand its business and enter new markets.  Our strategies insure that government and business leaders are aware of the client’s programs, services and products.


The Interamerica Group’s mission is to open doors, build relationships and networks, and grow the client´s business by designing winning strategies in the United States and Latin America.

Mission Statement


TIG's team of highly educated professionals has the qualifications and experience to hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding success.

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