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José Cyrillo da Costa

Mr. Costa is a specialist in Mergers & Acquisition and Public-Private Partnerships. Prior to founding JC Costa, he worked extensively in the public sector. He served as a member of the Municipal Council of Petropolis in the Office of City Planning and Infrastructure, where he was in charge of the transportation and zoning of the region and acted as the Team Leader and public transport tariff control coordinator. He later served as a member of the Advisory Board for the Secretary of Education of the State of Rio de Janeiro and administered its budget, including the purchase of goods and other budgetary and financial oversight. He was a member of the group responsible for the study and implementation of the decentralization of funds for school meals. He was appointed by the mayor as Supervising Director of the Municipal Health Foundation of Petropolis, where he prepared the budget for execution planning and was responsible for public budgetary policies of the municipal health network. In the final years of his government career, Mr. Costa was appointed Undersecretary-General of Government, where he was responsible for intergovernmental activity linked to the mayor's office, and among his main achievements was oversight for the funding and completion of projects in cooperation with the federal and state governments.
A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Mr. Costa graduated in Economics from the Catholic University of Petrópolis/RJ and has an MBA in Government Project Management with a specialization in bidding process and administrative contracts, investment, and capital markets.


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