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João Vinícius Godoi

JOÃO VINÍCIUS FELIX DE GODOI, is a lawyer and legal adviser, works in the business area, assisting national and international companies to develop business in Brazil. Through Interamerica Group, he became the attorney for GSS GIULIANI SECURITY & SAFETY LLC (founded by the former mayor of New York, Ruldoph Giliani) for consulting activities in Brazil, working on contract management in the area of ​​public security.

With focus on startup and  entrepreneurship, since 2012, he has created a strong relationship in the stratus ecosystem and has since been a mentor in the area of ​​new business development and management of innovation in technology projects helping Startups to develop their potential..

In January 2017 he started an artificial intelligence project to control intelligent traffic, thus founding Startup AiPlates Tecnologies, which due to its relevance and recognition has been awarded in several acceleration processes such as Brazil Lab, Govtech. João Vinicius Felix currently holds the position of new business manager at AiPlates Tecnologies.

He graduated from Centro Universitário Izabela Hendrix in Juridical and Social Sciences, majored in Business Law at Getulio Vargas Foundation in 2007 and completed his MBA in Economics and Business Law at Babson College - Boston - U.S.A.

João Vinícius is born in Corinto-MG and has professional residency in the state capital of Minas Gerais-Brazil. Since 2007, Mr. João Vinícius serves as Legal Consel of Interamerica Inc. for the Brazilian business, working in several projects in the areas of Technology, Health and Safety, in the public and private sectors.

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