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Ryan Donnelly

Ryan Donnelly serves as TIG’s Director of Technology. Mr. Donnelly is an experienced technologist, manager, consultant, and tech business analyst, with a foundation of years of software development across a wide range of technologies.

Fluent in Portuguese and a longtime resident of Brazil, Mr. Donnelly is CTO of Rio de Janeiro-based WeDemand, a groundbreaking social platform for crowdfunding of live events, active in Brazil since 2010 as Queremos!, and launched in the US in late 2012.

Before WeDemand, Donnelly served as CTO of World Cup/Olympics business facilitator platform Portal Negócios Rio, which he led to a successful launch in November 2012 with the support of the Rio state government and commercial associations. 


Mr. Donnelly's business experience complements a long career in Europe and Brazil as an independent software developer, architect, and consultant, with extensive experience in Java and open-source technologies and platforms such as Drupal.

Donnelly began his career at Trilogy Software, one of the hottest enterprise software companies of the late 90’s tech boom, and spent four years as a project manager and technical lead on several projects in France and the UK. 


Mr. Donnelly holds a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University, where he published research in low-power microprocessor design.


Mr. Donnelly is a native of Washington, D.C., and in addition to Portuguese speaks Spanish, French, and German. 


Although his career has focused on software and computer technology, his engineering background and his consulting work with clients in a variety of business areas makes Mr. Donnelly an experienced technology analyst across industries.

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