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Kellen Felix 

Kellen Felix is the Vice President and Partner at The Interamerica Group.  She has more than fifteen years of experience in international operations and businesses development, specializing in institutional, diplomatic, and government relations.


With an extensive background dealing with situations that involve balancing public policy and private industry, she has successfully guided projects in the Education, National Security, IT technology, and Infrastructure, specializing in joint international ventures. 


Ms. Felix is currently leading a Multi-Agency Federal Government project to improve Brazil's national security and fight against corruption, money laundering, and international drug trafficking.


In addition to her achievements in the private sector and public sector, Ms. Felix has successfully developed projects in the non-profit sector. She has brought together grant providers and non-profit organizations, managed teams and boards to enable them to measure and improve their effectiveness, by leveraging data tools, quantitative analytics, and consulting/training, and succeeded in helping organizations move from anecdotal to data-driven decisions making.


Ms. Felix is an advocate for gender equality and as a chairwoman and director of International Relations at Wonder Women Tech Foundation with the goal of supporting an ecosystem comprised of changemakers, pioneers, innovators, thought leaders, government entities, educational institutions, Fortune 500 Companies, nonprofits, and startups to change and collaborate for the success for the future generation, and create a shift toward diversity and inclusion within STEAM industries.


Ms. Felix was born in Brazil, where she studied International Business and is Fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.


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