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Trump The Unifier

Don’t be surprised by the title of this article. It’s true. Trump, because of a variety of circumstances is uniting people from all over the country against the Do-Nothing Democrats and in support for his presidency. While radical Democrats continue to verbally and physically abuse Trump supporters, causing fear and apprehension to those who wish to display their support by wearing MAGA hats or Trump 2020 gear, the quiet majority sits back and takes it all in reserving their action for the voting booth. The lack of unity, the division, hated and hostility present in the United States today is not caused by Trump but has its origin in and is perpetuated by the radical Democrats and their partners in the news media. This left-wing venom is clearly contrasted by President Trump’s disciplined focus on doing what is right for the American people. As Democrats are screaming false accusations of racism and dictatorship against the president, Trump is implementing programs that help non violent inmates leave prison and make a new start, that give veterans a choice to use private hospitals if needed, that eliminate student loan debts for disabled veterans, that lower the price of prescription drugs and much more. This contrast between the divisive vitriol of the Democrats and the focus on doing his job by the president is evident to anyone who has an open mind. The byproduct of this intolerance by the Democrats and the steadfastness to presidential duties of Trump is the coming together and unification of a special and diverse group of Americans who look at the facts and not at the hype.

At first glance some may be incredulous at the thought of President Trump as a unifier. But that is because of the 100% negative coverage he receives from the mainstream media. The best thing about the unity that Trump is bringing to Americans is that it is spontaneous. There was no “unification plan”. It is very much organic. This unified community is represented by just about every demographic in the nation. Some of this information may surprise you since it is never covered by the press. There is a significant and growing number of African Americans who support President Trump. They are becoming “emancipated” from the Democratic Party. Former NFL football player, businessman, and philanthropist, Jack Brewer, bears witness to this. He is tired and disgusted with Democratic leadership in our cities and supportive of Trumps First Step Prison release program as well as the Opportunity Zones program that is attracting hundreds of millions of dollars to our underserved regions. Latinos are also uniting behind president Trump. One other thing that was not covered by the press is that in a span of one week in late September and early October, President Trump hosted standing room only events in the White House with both the Hispanic and African American communities. Young voters are also unifying with the president. I was thrilled to see firsthand the support of millennials for the president. These are the youth who rule social media and have hundreds of thousands of followers. They are influencers and they are influencing. Turning Point USA is the lead organization in this area. The great work of founder Charlie Kirk has reached young people from all over the country and Turning Point is now on over 1500 college campuses!

Others are also just as enthusiastically uniting in support of Trump. The president won the Women’s vote in 2016 and will surely increase that number in 2020. Asians from every ethnic background stand with Trump. There are many members of the LGBT community who support trump. It is also little known that the president has pledged to defend the civil rights of the LGBT community.

I would be remiss if I did not mention one of the clear signs of Trump as the unifier: the campaign rally’s! Regardless of the town, regardless of the state, regardless of the time of year, Trump sells out every arena! These events bring tens of thousands of people together and gives them something to cheer for: America!

Regarding the Democrat impeachment attempt; the American people see through this as an effort to high jack the 2020 election by getting Trump out of the picture now. Americans are uniting in support of the president because it has become evident that, because of the obsession for impeachment, no efforts to improve our country will be performed by the congress until at least 2021. No infrastructure. No US- Mexico- Canada trade agreement, no immigration reform. The Impeachment strategy is simply unifying more Americans in support of Donald Trump and against the Democrats.

How is the President creating this unity especially amongst such disparate groups? He is putting America first. He is keeping his promises. (see He is not getting distracted by all the poisonous personal attacks by the Left. He is implementing his plan in a no-nonsense way. Trump is the unifier and he will prove it again in the fall of 2020.

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