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December 2013 Newsletter

2013 in review and looking ahead at 2014


By Jerome P. Santos.



Season Greetings! When I reflect on all the great things that 2013 brought, the lessons learned, my expectations for the coming year, and the people who have inspired me on my journey, I find myself thinking about the great Muhammad Ali and his amazing confidence! He once told an opponent that “If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize.” Regardless of the opponent or life challenge that he faced he was convinced that he would win! It is with this confidence that we, at The Interamerica Group, close out 2013 and look towards 2014. It is with pleasure that I share with you some of TIG’s highlights of 2013 and what lies on the horizon in 2014.

The Interamerica Group added two new strategic partnerships in 2013. In the United States, TIG joined with NSAWW a business development and transaction advisory firm in metropolitan Washington, DC. NSAWW is giving support to TIG’s local clients in the USA at both military and civilian federal government agencies, and also assisting our international clients who are looking to expand their business or invest in companies in the US market. TIG’s second new strategic partnership in 2013 was with the Brazilian firm G. Jacintho a one stop shop administrative/accounting services company that is supporting TIG’s American clients to make the administrative/accounting transition to the Brazilian market. These two new partnerships come as a result of the growth of TIG’s portfolio of clients and their demand for comprehensive services both in the US and Brazil.

In 2013, TIG saw most of its progress in three main areas, Sports and Entertainment, Technology, and Energy. In sports and entertainment, TIG worked in the areas of stadium management, food and beverage services, stadium security and cleaning, and brand activation. This momentum will multiply as we move into 2014 and the World Cup in Brazil. Another area of progress for TIG in 2013 is new technologies. TIG’s clients are leading the way with technologies in the areas of mobile financial transactions, smart data center management and storage, and data analytics. It was also a good year for IT services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) which will only improve in 2014 as businesses depend more and more on technology and choose to focus more one on their areas of expertise. Finally, 2013 was a good year for TIG’s clients in the energy sector. In Brazil, there was significant progress in our green energy business. One of our clients introduced an exciting new hydroelectric energy technology to the country. TIG is structuring a partnership with the number one energy plant developer in Brazil. The plan is to validate and bring the technology to market in 2014. TIG was also active with another client developing solar energy plants in Brazil, other countries in South America, and South Africa. In the oil and gas sector, the Brazilian government was able to get organized and begin the bidding process for concessions. In 2014 work will began in force at these new oil and gas sites which means that it will be a big year for TIG’s clients in the oil and gas support industry.


Looking Ahead at 2014


TIG expects to see continued growth in 2014 in the USA as the economy strengthens. TIG’s government contractor clients should particularly be in for a good year. In Brazil, we expect to be very busy as all sectors of the economy experience the positive effect of the preparations for the World Cup. Next year’s World Cup in Brazil has the potential to be the greatest sports spectacle of all time. The boost in business from airport development to new roads to new stadiums to hotels and lodging has already begun.


The Interamerica Group would like to thank our clients, partners and friends for a productive 2013. We sincerely appreciate our relationships. We are ready, as we know you are, for an exciting 2014! From TIG family to yours, a very happy, healthy, and prosperous holiday season and New Year!

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