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December Newsletter

Dear friend:

Season’s Greetings!  It is my pleasure to share with you this update on the activities of our company during the past year. The Interamerica Group (TIG) made great progress in 2012.  TIG continued to strengthen its team of experienced Washington DC professionals in both the private and public sectors by adding David Mercer and Jimmy Lynn to its ranks.  David brings years of government and international experience as a former executive in the Clinton administration and now also as a political contributor to Fox News.  Jimmy, a part of the original team at AOL, brings a comprehensive private sector network with expertise in the latest in social media and an emphasis in Sports and Entertainment.

In Latin America, TIG has continued its focus and growth in Brazil. TIG has solidified itself as the premier consulting firm for companies wishing to enter or invest into the Brazilian market place.  Our partnership with São Paulo based ADNE Consulting has been extremely effective in providing business growth opportunities for our American clients in Brazil. In particular, we are excited about the progress of our client DISYS in 2012.  This American IT company is positioned to have their biggest year yet in Brazil in 2013.  In 2012 TIG formed a new strategic partnership with NextDay consulting, in Rio de Janeiro, an affiliate of Arko Advise, the number one government relations firm in Brasilia. NextDay’s experience with Brazilian market and government research and analysis provides TIG’s clients with up to date data in order to make the best business decisions.  The Interamerica Group continued to improve its powerful network throughout the business, government, and non-profit sectors in Brazil during 2012.

In 2012, TIG successfully supported its clients in the healthcare, energy, information technology, and infrastructure sectors.  With the World Cup and Olympics coming to Brazil,  we were pleased to announce our entry into the sports and entertainment industry through our business associations with the Rio de Janeiro based World Sports & Business and their sports business portal, with the Brazilian sports management firm Golden Goal, and through our new collaboration with the American sports and entertainment company AEG.  The sports and entertainment sector in Brazil promises to be one of the most successful areas of business for TIG over the next five years. 

In 2013, TIG will be officially announcing partnerships with American and international private equity and investment firms.  TIG will forge in the first quarter a strategic partnership with Washington DC based National Security Associates Worldwide (NSAWW) to provide consulting services to American private equity and investment groups who wish to invest in Brazil, and conversely, to Brazilian investment funds who are seeking investment opportunities in the US.  TIG will also announce a new venture with a major international banking institution to provide business development and investment services to the fast growing emerging markets of Africa.


TIG enters 2013 with a healthy pipeline of business and well positioned to assist its clients in meeting their business development goals both domestically and internationally. 

All of us at The Interamerica Group wish our clients, partners, and friends success and prosperity in 2013.

Thanks for your continuing support.

Jerome Pierce Santos



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