The Interamerica Group is an executive level business development and government affairs company founded in 1994 with offices in Washington, D.C., Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo, Brazil. TIG works at the highest level of industry and U.S. federal, state, and local government and has a thorough understanding and expertise of Business Development and Government Relations.


TIG understands business, both domestic and international, and how it intersects at times with the government sector.  Our seasoned team of executives also has been working for over ten years in Latin America with a fully functioning team on the ground in Brazil. 


TIG is a one stop shop for companies planning to expand its operations to Latin America and to Latin American Companies wanting to gain a market presence in the USA. 


Here at the Interamerica Group, we specialize in many areas that are vital to business operations. A few examples would be


The Interamerica Group values teamwork, bringing people together, and winning. No one person or group has all the answers. The solution is to bring the right pieces of the puzzle together and to develop the appropriate game plan with a spirit of trust and confidence in each member of the team.


TIG brings these pieces together while ensuring that each component does their part and that is the formula for success. 



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