TIG's president and CEO attends the 25th anniversary celebration of President George H W Bush’s administration in College Station, Tx.
TIG President and CEO Jerry Pierce Jr. was invited to attend the 25th anniversary celebration President George H W Bush’s administration in College Station, Tx. during the weekend of April 4-6. Mr. Pierce served the president as Assistant Secretary of Administration at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) along with Secretary Jack Kemp. The event reunited members of President Bush’s team who discussed in candid detail the inner workings surrounding the major domestic and international issues that the President faced during his term including, the Americans with Disabilities Act, The Clean Air Act amendments, the historic budget agreement, the fall of the Soviet Union, the unification of Germany, and Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. There were also panel discussions on technology and the future of government. The gathering was capped off with a one on one interview and town meeting with Gov. Jeb Bush where he stated that he would make his decision to run in the 2016 presidential elections by the end of this year. “I feel honored and privileged to have been asked to participate in this historic event”, said Mr. Pierce.There was also time for a little fun and relaxation. After the unveiling of the new President George HW Bush statue, guests were entertained by Country music star Matthew Clay with a special appearance by Garth Brooks.