TIG's President and CEO, kicked off M Powered Strategies’ PACE Executive Speaker Luncheon Series
On Friday, February 21, 2014, The Interamerica Group (TIG) President and CEO, Jerry Pierce Jr.., kicked off M Powered Strategies’ PACE Executive Speaker Luncheon Series. M Powered Strategies is a, Washington, DC-based management consulting firm providing support to government clients. The PACE program is a paid apprentice program that gives participants hands on work experience with federal government contracting firms. Mr.Pierce spoke to the PACE apprentices, as well as some MPS staff, about his personal journey from humble beginning growing up in northern New Jersey, to becoming a star football player at Dartmouth College, to his missionary work in schools and prisons in Central America, then serving as Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and eventually starting his own business, The Interamerica Group.  Mr. Pierce gave the unique contrast of having worked in five different career environments: non-profit, corporate (Mobil Oil), local government (Vice-Mayor of Jersey City, NJ), federal government, and entrepreneur. He highlighted both the positive and negative aspects of working in the private and public sectors, and encouraged the PACE apprentices to think globally.

The apprentices were impressed with Mr.Pierce’s ability to transform personal challenges into valuable lessons learned. What struck PACE Taylor Moore was how “seemingly disparate events can influence the direction of a career across the years, how every experience is an opportunity to gain skills, knowledge, and connections that bear on what we can accomplish in the present.” Mr. Pierce also encouraged the PACE participants to take advantage of new and innovative technologies to improve government efficiency and productivity.